Freedom of Movement in La Paz, Bolivia

“¡Peligro!, ¡Peligro!”
I can no longer hear it.

According to the inhabitants of Quito, Guayaquil, Lima, Trujillo and Arequipa, nearly every corner of their city is dangerous, except perhaps the Plaza des Armas.


Plaza Murillo, La Paz

And indeed, South America is more dangerous than Asia:

  • They draw on your town map, which areas to avoid in hostels.
  • In Quito a fellow backpacker is robbed 5 minutes from our hostel by 4 Quiteños with a knife.
  • Almost everywhere, locals advise us to be careful, because it is “peligro”, especially with a camera

The problem is that I’m everything but careful.
Without freedom of movement, I’m not a full person!


La Paz from above

I have finally recovered my freedom of movement in La Paz. Here you can do the same stupid things as in Asia:

  • Board a collevtivo and find out, where it goes.
  • Explore markets, without continuously putting the camera away.
  • Get surrounded by children who yell “Tourist! Tourist!”
  • Get tested on all of your Spanish vocabulary by grandpas (doesn’t take long).
  • Walk through shady areas and take a deep breath of the urine stench.

And the best:
In South America you are not invited to milk tea, but to liquor (-;


El Alto weekly market

Pazeños, the inhabitants of La Paz seem a good bit friendlier than Arequipeños, Limeños, Trujilleños, Quiteños and Guayaquileños. Or is the reason for those many smiles the lack of oxygen at an altitude of 3,650m?

The feeling of safety is higher than in other South American cities. You don’t have to vegetate in the hostel after dark. I even feel as absolutely safe here, as in Bangkok and Kathmandu. Is that only due to the lack of oxygen, too?

Furthermore, La Paz has one of the largest day markets in South America, covering a whole district. In the neighbouring city of El Alto, the probably largest weekly market in the world takes place every Sunday.


Mirador Killi Killi

When standing on top of the Mirador Killi Killi, it is different to say something else than:

Me gusta La Paz!

I like La Paz!

La Paz is cheap, too (-;


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  1. Skraal says:

    Allerdings wird die Bewegungsfreiheit in La Paz durchaus durch den Sauerstoffmangel eingeschränkt. Ich kann mich erinnern, nach jedem Schritt erstmal eine Verschnaufpause eingelegt zu haben. ;)

  2. Hermann says:

    Nette Berichte und tolle Fotos! Bolivien scheint ein klasse Land zu sein! Gruß aus Dinslaken, NRW von

  3. Der LUPO says:

    Nach jedem Schritt ne Verschnaufpause? Kenn ich auch, kenn ich auch…