Image Impressions from Laos

Laos on the 1st glance seems like last century’s Thailand. On the 2nd glance, you realize that Thailand is unique.

If you can forget about Thailand for a moment, it is beautiful in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. But I can’t forget about Thailand for a moment (-;

fahne laos palast

There are caves and lagoons like in Thailand.
hoehle blauelagune

The temples could as well be in Thailand.
tempel tempel2

There are even islands and beaches…

…in the middle of the Mekong.

mekong2 beach

Lao food looks like Thai food.

Unfortunately, even the papaya salad is bland.

buffet papaya2

In Thailand, even school children ride motor bikes.

In Laos not yet.

kinder moenchrad

You notice, that the French were here.
marktbaguette arcdetriomphe

There is a lot of agriculture.
traktor gockel

The two most important crops grow here:

Jackfruit and Coconut (-;

jackfruit kokosnusswasserfall

After 2 weeks, I’ve had enough of Laos. No risks of overstay in this country.

Angkor is calling! But first I have to cure my hobble toe


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